Welcome to Joseph Sturdy

Joseph Sturdy is a choreographer creating contemporary dance works. The choreographic process has progressively given rise to a vocabulary that is both physically and technically demanding whilst thought provoking.
The dance language is rooted in Joseph Sturdys classical and modern background and strives to communicate ideas with a human theme .

He works with his own Swedish based company Focus Dance founded in 1997 in the city of Uppsala.As well as creating as a freelance guest choreographer internationally.
Othe activities include working as a guest teacher with all the major Dance institutions in Skandinavia and Participation in Various Juries.In 2003 and 2014 he was awarded the Dance Prize by the city of Uppsala for his achievments in dance.

Earlier work

  • Ophelia Complex: 2019 - Created for the Royal Swedish Ballet School
  • Lachrimae: 2019 - Created for the Royal Swedish Ballet School
  • Shakespeare's Macbeth: 2018
  • Petrushka: 2018
  • BABEL: 2016 Focus Dance
  • Migration: 2015 - Created for the Royal Swedish Ballet School
  • The Metamorphosis/Förvandlingen 2015 - in corporation with Dans i Nord & Focus Dance
  • Ingenmansland 2014 - to mark the centenary of the outbreak of world war one: in cooperation with Dans i Nord and Focus Dance
  • Myriad minded, Shakespeare: 2014, in cooaperation with Focus Dance and Gottsunda Dans och Teater
  • Virtues: 2014 Focus Dance and Dala Sinfoniettan
  • 7/7: 2014 Norrdans
  • The Bolero Project: 2013/in Cooperation with Dans I uppland
  • Shakespear’s The Tempest: 2013
  • Strindbergs’s Fadren 2012 Focus Dance Untitled Figures: 2012 Focus Dance
  • Shifting Focus: 2012 Focus Dance celebrates 15 years
  • The Greenhouse Dance Project ,introdans 2: 2012/in cooperation with Dans I Uppland
  • The Greenhouse Dance Project, Introdans 1: 2011/in cooperation with Dans I Uppland
  • Rough Cuts: 2011 Focus Dance
  • Cuel Whispers: 2011 Focus Dance
  • Hamlet: Full Length 2011 Chemnitz Opera Ballet
  • Shakespeares King Lear: 2009 Focus Dance
  • The Emperor’s new clothes: 2009 Focus Dance
  • Tabula Rasa: 2008 Focus Dance ,in cooperation with Talia Paz and The Kibbutz orchestra Isreal
  • The rite of spring Stravinsky: 2007 Focus Dance
  • Linne´a man for all seasons: 2007 Focus Dance
  • The uprooting: 2007 Royal Swedish Ballet school
  • Mozarts Women: 2006 Focus Dance and Uppsala Kammarsolister
  • Coma: 2005 FocusDance
  • ”Quality time and all that”: 2004 Focus Dance
  • Beethoven Opus 130: 2004 Focus Dance and Uppsala Kammarsolister
  • Shakespeares Hamlet: Full-length 2003 Focusdance
  • Shakespeares Othello: Full- length 2002 Focus Dance
  • Suppose he’s innocent: 2002 Focusdance
  • Vincent Van Gogh: 2000 :Full-length Focus Dance
  • I afton Dans 2: 2001 Focus Dance
  • I afton Dans 1: 2000 Focus Dance
  • The Queen Kristina: 1998 -2000 Focus Dance