2020 Update

Due to the major disruption from the Covid-19 Pandemic we are unfortunately unable to follow through our spring 2020 projects a new work inspired by the emotionally charged and raw imagery of Francis Bacon the Irish born British figurative painter .

The time instead is being used for research and planning for 2 new works upcoming works in the autumn autumn 2020 to performed in Uppsala in October and November.

Although Sweden has not been in full lockdown as other European countries, there are still restrictions in place such as social distancing and limitations on public gatherings and events.

During the spring 2020 I have been guest teaching at the Royal Swedish Ballet ,Cullberg ,and Scapino Ballet ,whilst teaching at The royal Swedish Balett School and Svenska Ballet skolan .Some of these classes are conducted online in accordance to the rekommendations in place in Sweden .

Im looking forward to meeting our dancers and audience in the new season 2020 where hopefully we can start with the all important live performances and interactions with the public .Until then under Vimeo links a selection of works are available to watch .

Joseph Sturdy Artistic Director

Truly Madly

A New adaptation of Giselle called Truly Madly with Premier 18 September. This production will arrive In Uppsala on the 3 December to the 11 December at Gottsunda Dans och Teater. Both evening are day performances for schools are on offer during this period. L’Autre Moite du Songe, a project inspired by the poetry of the young French poet Alicia Gallienne recited by the famous French actor Guillaume Gallienne with Choreography by Clairemarie Osta and Joseph Sturdy opens the first part of this premier evening. A homage to this talented young French poet who’s words transcend the boundaries of language…

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Back on stage: the new premiere of My Lake at Gottsunda Dans Och Teater in Uppsala

From the 20 November until the 12 December Focus Dance is back on stage in Uppsala at Gottsunda Dans Och Teater with a new premier of My Lake inspired by the Russian Composer Tchaikovsky fate, with Music of Swan Lake and Jerome Marchand and 5 dancers that take us through the labyrinth that is Tchaikovskys mind. Broken Skin was created last season and was unable to meet an audience due to the pandemic instead it was filmed by the director Fredrik Sattin and now has its premiere in the new filmed version. The cast includes Richard Asker as Enoch Powell,…

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