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Macbeth – Full version – 2019
Shakespeares Macbeth Full version by Joseph Sturdy.
Dancers: Mathilde van de wiele, Malcom Sutherland, Sophie Flannnery Prue Verges.


“Shakespeare’s Macbeth 2018, by Joseph Sturdy
Gottsunda Dans & Teater 24 nov-8dec 2018”


“The burden of longing and knowing that deep inside the hearts of each and everyone of us we are all always reaching for a place that we can call home.” – The poet JJ Bola
Babel is inspired by the epic migration of people happerning in Europé today.

During the autumn 2016 Focus Dance cooperated with Gottsunda Dans och Teater Sweden, in producing this work.


Rite of Spring

Rite of spring / Stravinsky created 2007  for the Carl von Linne celebrations.
Comminssioned by City of Uppsala Sweden.


Exquisite Virtues

Exquisite virtues Trio Hamlet Ophelia ,Polonius .
Gala 2015 .


Cruel Whispers ,inspired by Hans Christian Andesens The ugly duckling .2011
Cruel Whispers


Metamorphosis, inspired by The short novel by Franz Kafka Of The same name .


Full Evening Hamlet 2011 for The Chemnitz Opera Ballet Germany.
Full Evening Hamlet


Autumn 2018 – Shakespeares Macbeth

The upcoming new production autumn 2018 is Shakespeares Macbeth . Over the past the seasons Joseph Sturdy has BEEN INSPIRED BY Shakespeares tragedies Hamlet ,Othello ,and King Lear have been performed to critical acclaim .Continuing on the Shakespearian theme it is Macbeth shakespeare's shortest and most fast moving tragedy that will premier in November 2018 in cooperation with Gottsunda Dans och Teater . Human frailty ,Political Relevance and social morality make Shakespeares works as relevant today as when they we're written .

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Joseph Sturdy and Teater C

A cooperation with Teater C Mats Lindberg and Andrea Gursten A continuation of our cooperation during the spring 2017 performances spring 2018 .    

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